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Gbets South Africa Betting

We’ve been waiting for our review to come through for a long time, so don’t be alarmed if you haven’t heard anything from us recently. We’ve received all of your emails and questions; it’s just that we wanted to go through everything in detail before presenting it to you. The exciting Gbets South Africa has to offer, as well as the chances themselves, were thoroughly evaluated by our team. We’ve known about Gbets for a long time, but this evaluation process has made us appreciate them even more.

It’s great to see a local company flourish. Gbets is one of the most experienced sports betting companies in South Africa, and that’s precisely what it is. You’ll learn more about their longevity in the sections below. Whether you’re a novice looking for a bet now and again or a seasoned pro, keep reading. Today we’re discussing about an excellent bookmaking site.

Bonus Offers & Free Bets

Gbets is a sports betting site that allows bettors to make money by wagering on their favorite teams. Gbets bonuses for new members are among the most generous available, and they’re available in the form of both slots and live betting. If you register and verify your Gbets account, you may receive up to R 1 000 today’s Opening Deposit Match bonus or a welcome incentive from the operator. The incentive offer, as expected, is time limited; therefore, newcomers should thoroughly evaluate the terms and conditions before signing up.

To earn the incentive, wagers must be placed on the Australian Open and validated at least once. This is a wonderful opportunity to increase your bankroll since the operator will match your entire deposit up to R 1 million.

Simply go to the Gbets Bonus Gift Box area on the website and select “Claim” to claim your free gift. After inputting the Bonus Gbets coupon code, you are sent to the operator’s deposit page. Because the incentive is delivered straight to your account, you won’t need to use any Gbets promotion codes. It’s worth noting that turnover requirements of 3x apply, and that you must wager your bonus at least once every 30 days

New players who do not use a Gbets bonus code may also obtain a variety of other incentives, including free bets, cashouts, multi-bet bonuses, and various other daily and weekly specials.

Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions

There are several restrictions with Gbets Welcome Bonuses, but when compared to other websites, we don’t think they’re overly complicated to understand before taking your bonus. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before claiming your bonus because these are the terms that will apply to you.

  • The minimum deposit is R20.
  • The bonus expires 30 days after being claimed.
  • The bonus is subject to a wager turnover requirement of 3 x (times).
  • The bonus must be wagered at minimum odds of 0.50 (5/10)
  • The offer is only valid for Lotto/Lucky Numbers and System/Multiple Bets.
  • Gbets will only pay out the premium amount if all bonus conditions are met. Gbets will transfer the entire bonus sum to your real money wallet (withdrawable funds). profits will be lost and removed from your account, leaving the remainder.

Other bonuses for new users at Gbets

R25 will be credited to your account as a finish bonus if you finish the registration process within one minute.

Gbets Sports betting sign-up offer

Following that, you must fund your Gbets account and acquire the bookmaker’s new player bonuses as soon as possible.

Gbets sign-up offer: Get R25 and win up to R, 1000 with a new player Gbets offer

Gbets accepts Bitcoin and has a variety of bonuses for new customers, including the Betsafe R25 Bonus, which gives up to R500 in sign-up bonuses. The opportunity is accessible solely through this link or page. Before you can withdraw any profits earned by the promotion, you must wager at least R25 and deposit at least R25.

While the site’s free GBets aren’t the most competitive in South Africa, they are enticing enough to entice gamblers. Furthermore, we discovered that this offer is player-friendly, as shown in the table below.

Gbets first deposit matchup-Up to R1, 000 for new players on first deposit

Gbets offers a 100% first deposit bonus match-up for new clients, which is another incentive that has drawn many customers. The maximum award amount in this promotion is R1, 000, and it must be wagered six times at odds of at least 1.70 in order to qualify. You are not permitted to wager multiple times or take advantage of the Gbets bonus on your first deposit.

A hypothetical example of winning a bet using Gbets Sign up offer

Place a winning wager immediately before the game starts with the Gbets sign-up offer. When this review was published, the odds for this game were 1.52 (1), 3.74 (X), and 7.10 (2). So, if you bet on the home team, Vietnam, to win at odds of 1.52 and your profits are as follows:

  • 1.52X R25=R38. Since the bookmaker voids any sign-up incentives for successful wagers, your account balance will be negative R13.

A hypothetical example of losing a bet with Gbets sign-up offer

It’s also incorrect to claim that the Gbet bonus is useless. If you wager on the match finishing in a draw with odds of 3.74 and the home team wins, your incentive money will be lost and your account will be zero in this case.

Gbets South Africa quick facts

  • Established: 1999
  • Licenses: Western Cape Gambling & Racing Board
  • Location: South Africa
  • Security: SSL certificate
  • Registered customers: > 200,000
  • Odd payout: approx. 93%
  • Gbets South Africa welcome bonus: 100% up to R1,000
  • Gbets South Africa website address:

Gbets Site Review

The Gbets Sports Betting website is quite attractive. It has a stunning design, unlike any other local bookmaker. They collaborated with Betconstruct and the results speak for themselves. The main page includes all of the rapid links you’ll need, just a click away, so bettors should have no difficulties finding sports, Gbets inplay matches, or new virtual sports.

One of our favorites is the new modules on the homepage, which are near the top of the page and just below the most prominent banners. They serve as quick links and display a preview image, allowing customers to easily identify Premier League or Betgames logos. It’s a fantastic approach to navigate around the site; we hope Gbets keeps the modules up to date with current sports information.

The gaming software also has a live in-play multi-view capacity, which is intriguing. This option allows bettors to drop and drag many real matches onto a single screen, allowing them to follow the in-play action. It’s an excellent feature that makes it simpler to personalize and minimize the need to switch windows or tabs. For example, you may keep track of two Premier League games within the same window: one from the MLS and another from the PSL.

Gbets Mobile

We evaluated Gbets’ mobile version in our Gbets review.

Unfortunately, no Gbets app is accessible. There’s no need to be concerned; the mobile website works in the same way.

You may visit and sign in using your username and password instead of downloading an app on your phone. You can begin by going here to learn more about Gbets! After you’ve done that, go here to get started. The appearance of the mobile site is similar to the desktop version, with one exception: instead of a horizontal layout, it has been created for a smaller screen with portrait mode enabled.

Finally, the Gbets mobile site gives access to all of the premium features of the standard website. You can create an account by using Register and then log in. You may bet as usual and receive winnings as usual since funds are accessible in your account.

The Gbets website has a number of drawbacks. It consumes an inordinate amount of data. You may always enable Data Saver in your browser or smartphone to save the website and make it cacheable if you’re using a contemporary browser or phone to save the site and make it cacheable.

The major disadvantage of playing Gbets South Africa on the mobile site rather than through an app is that you will not be notified. When a game finishes or when a new bonus becomes available, an application may notify you.

Gbets may release a mobile app in the future. The current high-quality mobile website should suffice for fans.

Gbets odds and markets

The many markets and betting possibilities Gbets provides are evidence of its flexibility. Gbets offers a wide range of market types for all major sports, as well as a large number of betting alternatives. We watched an entire Premier League match from start to finish and found that there are over 330 distinct markets, considerably more than the same game at Sportingbet, which has about 100 options. That’s incredible.

How to Register at Gbets

To join GBets South Africa, click the Register button in the upper right corner on both mobile and desktop versions. It’s bright yellow, making it easy to spot on both mobile and desktop versions! When you have time, fill out the registration form with your information.

In South Africa, as in other countries, sportsbooks demand FICA information and basic contact information. This is generally done to verify that the account belongs to a real person.

When you’ve completed all of the stages carefully, you’ll be contacted or emailed to let you know it’s time to go. To complete your registration, input your address and sign up for the service.

After you’ve established an account, you will be automatically logged in. If you close and then reopen the website, you must login manually.

Simply call the same phone number and password you used to create your account again. When you click the Login button, a login screen will appear. Enter the phone number and password that you used to establish your account, then press Login.

It is also possible to use the forgotten password function to change your username and password. Don’t be upset if you’ve misplaced it. To recover it, use the forgot password option. You may enter a phone or an email address here. You will be sent an email with instructions on how to update your login information by using this page.

Make a strong password and make it as difficult to recall as possible while still making it simple to remember.

How to Deposit at Gbets

The process is simple once you’ve linked up with Gbets South Africa. To place a bet, you must first deposit money into your account.

To deposit, go to the top of the page and click the Deposit button. Double-check that you’re signed in to your account before proceeding. You’ll be sent to a deposit page after this process is finished. There are many payment alternatives as well as how much money to put down on each wager.

Now that your Gbets account is open, you should see money in it. To accomplish so, go to the “Manage My Account” button and follow the steps below. Once you’ve completed these steps, simply authorize the transfer. The cash will be transferred from your personal account to your Gbets balance; however, it’s possible that something may happen instantly.

Gbets accepts Credit Card, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), 1Voucher, and Over-the-Top Vouchers as payment methods. Voucher deposits are simple. You may just buy the vouchers instantly instead of entering a voucher code. When you deposit, remember to include the voucher code in the field provided. The value of your voucher will be credited to your Gbets account as soon as feasible.

When you make a deposit using your credit card or EFTs, you must select one of the payment options available.

When paying by credit card, you must provide your complete name, credit card number, expiration date, and security code. After you’ve verified it, you’ll need to type in an OTP. Since most individuals prefer using credit cards for that purpose because they are so safe and common, most people utilize them for that reason.

E-Wallets are a popular alternative to Neteller for deposits and withdrawals. To use Neteller, you must first enable support in your bank account. You can get access to Gbets’ bank account information through a different portal if you pick EFT as the payment option.

To pay your account, simply select one of the three banks: FNB, Standard Bank, or Nedbank to use. Make payments using your user ID as a reference number.

How to Withdraw Money from Gbets

It’s simple to withdraw money. The process is comparable to that of depositing. You can withdraw cash if you are able to fund your account successfully. To begin, go to your account settings and select a withdrawal method. Look for an option to withdraw on your account page or the next screen. To reach the withdraw page, go there or touch it.

There are a few things to bear in mind before withdrawing any money. The first is that some offers and conditions may prevent you from withdrawing your funds. Once you make a withdrawal, additional bonuses will be removed. So, before making a withdrawal, double-check to see whether any unusual bonuses need to be enabled.

Withdrawals are the same as deposits in that they’re made using the same payment methods. You can withdraw to a credit card or money account, and you must pick a payment option within the withdrawal menu. After you’ve chosen your preferred payment method, click Withdraw.

When you withdraw money, it might take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days for it to be accessible. Your cash must be confirmed before the sportsbook releases your money. In general, you can anticipate to have access of your funds in a couple of minutes or hours.

It might take two to three days for you to receive your money back. If the cash doesn’t arrive in your account after that time, contact customer service. Something has gone wrong with it; you must find out what it is.

Gbets Sports Market Review

The most crucial component of any betting site is, without a doubt, the sports. We spent many hours researching the sports while conducting our Gbets study.

Gbets plays host to over 40 different sports categories!

Basketball, baseball, ice hockey, and a variety of other sports are popular. There are many more non-traditional betting options to choose from. Bandy, floorball (floorball), curling (curling), alpine skiing, surfing, kabbadi are just a few examples of the latter.

There are a variety of incentives and non-sports bets to select from. You may bet on who will win the Academy Award or who will be the greatest presidential candidate if you’re confident in your prediction!

Gbets Virtual Sports Review

In a nutshell, virtual sports mimic real sports in which athletes compete against one another. Virtual football, for example, would be represented by computer-generated and computer-controlled avatars that impersonate the complete team.

In the case of online video games, a random number generator technique is used to enhance unpredictability. This unpredictable element acts as a safety valve to prevent the game from becoming too tedious.

The Virtual Football, Virtual Cycling, Virtual Horse Racing, and Virtual Drag Racing tests were administered.

Gbets Esports Review

Esports is a new type of sport. Esports are competitive multi-player video games at the highest level played in competitions, commonly known as “tournaments.” Although esports has already achieved a high degree of popularity and interest, it’s still a fast-paced market!

The most popular esports games on Gbets South Africa’s menu are DOTA 2, League of Legends, Starcraft II, Warcraft III, Valorant, and Counter Strike.

There are a few of each game’s activities, but there are many betting markets for them. The activities that take place in DOTA2 include Match Winner, Handicap, Overall Number of Games, Total Winner, Kills Handicap Over/Under , First Blood , and First to X Kills . There are several instances in DOTA2.

Live Review

We’ll have to investigate it further Gbets’ live betting department isn’t short on appealing bets, so we’ll have to look into it further. We should think about Gbets’ live betting area because we’re discussing bookmaker betting choices. To gain access to the operator’s live betting area, go to Gbets online using your desktop computer, laptop, or smartphone. Simply click here to visit the site from there.

There are several subcategories in the live betting section, just as there are in the conventional betting zone. Once you’ve arrived here, you’ll be able to see all active games as well as future events. Wagering on a variety of sports is available at this location, including basketball, American football, ice hockey, baseball, rugby, tennis, football (soccer), and tennis.

Because the bookmaker provides a large range of live sporting events, most bettors will be pleased.

What we Like About Gbets

The company was founded in 2013. Since then, they’ve delivered South African gamblers with a product that exceeds their expectations owing to its unique design and extensive game selection. These were some of the features that piqued our interest in Gbets.

  • Plenty of bonuses and promotions

When we started investigating Gbets’ extensive platform, one of the first things we noticed was how many bonuses and coupons they offered.

This article will explain everything you need to know about casino bonuses, from two-fold welcome offers to live games coupons, birthday bonuses, and more. They’re perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasion.

  • Sophisticated website layout

Another example of a successful SEO strategy is their sophisticated website, which demonstrates yet another example of an advanced SEO technique. Both are dynamic, and the site is simple to navigate. They rank highly in terms of user experience ratings owing to their attractive appearance and simplicity of use.

  • Unparalleled sportsbook

GBets is a long-standing online sportsbook that has been in operation for over 20 years. They provide wagering opportunities for all sorts of gamblers, with more than 50 different categories to select from. Gbets is an excellent way to discover new sports you weren’t previously aware of whether you enjoy ESports or Curling. GBets will be sure to meet your betting preferences whether you like ESports or Curling.

What we dislike about GBets

There is no such thing as a flawless individual. You’ve undoubtedly heard that saying a thousand times before, but it’s true. While we value Gbets’ services, there is one little issue with the site that we feel could be improved:

  • Text on the site is a bit small

The Gbet’s main disadvantage is its tiny text. It’s too little, to be honest. Because the text on betting sites contains crucial information, text size is critical. Overall, we appreciate Gbets’ excellent website and layout and design, but the text on the site is a bit small.

Gbets Registration Issues

Despite the fact that most Gbet registrations proceed without a hitch, clients may encounter difficulties when they begin utilizing the bookmaker. Here are some of the potential issues that might crop up during the registration process.

One of the most common problems that players have when signing up with a bookmaker is providing incorrect information. Players occasionally lose sight of important facts or take too long to complete their registrations. All personal data, such as a full name and passport ID, must be correct in order for the registration to proceed smoothly.

Players can double-check all of their data before submitting the form to avoid this. Also, be sure to check the terms and conditions box. nIf you do not tick that box, the betting site will reject your wager.

If you type the wrong password, you might be sent to the incorrect part of the website. Another concern is that individuals employ passwords. Each distinct password was assigned its own set of guidelines by the bookmaker. Any strong password must contain at least eight letters (letters), one number, and one special character (points).

To be accepted by the bookmaker, any password must meet the following criteria: It must have a maximum of eight letters. Players’ passwords are also reset, and they will have to use the ‘Forgotten Password’ option at a later date. To avoid delays when logging into the bookmaker each time, make sure your password is secure yet memorable.

Customer Service

Payers have several choices for communicating with the betting firm once Gbets has been set up.

Please contact the bookmaker listed below if you have any questions regarding sports betting, special offers, payments, or anything else. The live chat option is typically the quickest method of communication.

  • Live Chat: Customers may communicate with Transcend by clicking the yellow chat symbol on their desktop or mobile devices.
  • Email: The bookmaker’s email address is [email protected]
  • Telephone: Contact the betting site via telephone at 021 023 3634. The line is operated 24 hours a day.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we believe Gbets is a great website to play on. There are several retail centers in Lesotho and Mozambique, as well as in other countries. Gbets is much more than simply an online bookmaker. They participate in community service activities such as sports development and poverty reduction. Both novice and professional gamers can view local and international sports.

There are a plethora of sports to choose from, whether you’re new or seasoned, including both national and international events. There’s a lot of variety when it comes to betting markets, so you won’t be disappointed.

We liked Gbets’s simplicity, ease of use, and excellent user experience. Because it was straightforward, mobile betting was convenient for us. Mobile gambling is better than desktop betting, which is a plus for everyone who enjoys gaming on the go. GBets also gives out free FICA copies, something we weren’t aware of before.

Gbets has bonuses that are three times greater than the industry standard for turnover (playthrough) criteria. This exemption eliminates the one-time turnover requirement on deposited funds. Although Betway or Hollywoodbets may have higher playthrough standards, Gbets incentives are considerably more generous. Before placing a wager, be sure to thoroughly read the terms and conditions of qualifying bets; cash put and partial cash out wagers will not qualify for any of these benefits.

We found that Talkabout our situation and they would reply quickly. We tried their support hotline, and we rarely had to wait long. The customer service staff are competent and polite, and our concerns were promptly resolved.

Betsafe is a no-fuss, top-rated bookmaker to try out while gambling online. We are confident that you will have a pleasant and secure internet betting experience with us.

Gbets FAQs

Can I play Gbets lucky numbers on an iPad?

Yes, all platforms enable both fortunate numbers and betting games.

Do I have to accept the Gbets welcome bonus?

If you decline the Gbets welcome bonus, you won’t be able to participate in the 125 percent matched deposit promotion.

Do I need a Gbets bonus code?

Some offers require you to have an access code, which is a secret word or phrase that must be used as your password.

Am I eligible for the Gbets SA sign up offer?

To discover whether you’re qualified for the advertised bonus while still registering, go to

Is Gbets legit in South Africa?

Gbets is a genuine South African bookmaker, as confirmed by the fact that it is part of the Goldrush Group, which has over two decades of expertise in the sports betting and casino industries.

Furthermore, the Western Cape Gaming and Racing Board has granted this betting site a license. It is expected that the bookmaker will comply with necessary legislation.

How to verify Gbets account?

After completing the registration, gamers will be notified by email when their account has been validated. Gamers must provide their passport ID and correct information for their winnings to ensure that an account is confirmed.

How to login at Gbets?

Players may access their existing bookmaker account by going to the homepage and clicking the ‘Login’ button. They’ll be prompted to supply their chosen username and password, which they specified when creating an account.

If you forget your login or username, you may contact customer care by selecting “Forgotten username/password.”

How to start betting on Gbets?

Betting on a bookmaker is straightforward. GBets, on the other hand, must wager money that has been deposited in their account using one of the aforementioned methods before they can bet. After funds have been added to an account, consumers may look at the sports available on the website.

When players select a wager to stake, the odds are applied. Players then fill out the betslip and confirm it.

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